Public Works Lead Hand

Reporting to the Public Works Manager, the Lead Hand oversees the construction and maintenance of roads bridges, sidewalks, signage, water distribution, storm and sanitary sewers, waste management, municipal properties, and landfill sites. Assists in the review of recommendations from staff and ratepayers concerning specific problems and reports on same to the Manager. Takes appropriate action regarding flooding, washouts, the effects of windstorms, drain and culvert obstructions and other natural disasters. Oversees the inventory and maintenance of equipment, supplies and vehicles. Maintains municipal machinery and buildings to ensure they are in safe and good working condition. Oversees and works on repairs to watermain breaks. Oversees the installation and maintains water and sewer hookups to town residences and businesses. Tests water weekly in municipal buildings, records sewer and water gauge readings and flushes hydrants regularly. Performs water meter readings. Operates and maintains a variety of vehicles and equipment (snowplow, mower, tractor with a loader, packer, snow blower, hand power tools, graders, backhoes, chain saws, chippers, dump trucks, plows, trucks, and street sweepers). Excavates ditches. Operates front-end loaders. Builds fences and maintains bridges, maintains guideposts and signs and replaces damaged traffic signs. Responds to emergency callouts, travels to problem sites, determines work to be done and assigns work. Supervises day to day operations of staff assigned by the Manager, provides leadership and direction, trains new employees, monitors performance and determines equipment and people for assigned work. Inspects work and job sites ensuring that Health and Safety practices are implemented. Supervises the work of outside contractors and trades people on special construction and repair projects. Maintains work logs and proper records of all inspections and tests made and retains copies of all documents/papers required.

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