Manager Public Works

The Public Works Manager is responsible for the planning, promoting, developing, directing and administering of a comprehensive program of maintenance and construction of roads and bridges, waste management, recycling, landfill sites sewer and water systems, parks and recreation facilities and municipal building and properties in the Municipality. Develops and recommends a business plan, yearly operating, and capital budgets to Council. Monitors progress of yearly budget expenditures throughout the year and takes corrective action. Recommends, monitors, and updates a multi-year construction plan and budget for all roads and bridges and their maintenance. Recommends, implements and monitors short- and long-term plans and budgets for waste management, landfill sites, property management and water responsibilities. Develops, recommends and implements a long-term plan for equipment and facility replacement, upgrading and refurbishing. Reports progress regularly regarding the strategic and operational plans to the management team, the CAO and Council, regarding assigned responsibilities. Develops, recommends, and implements programs and standards for all areas reporting. Develops, recommends, and implements revenue generation and expenditure reduction plans. Reviews new and amended legislation that may apply to the Corporation in their area of responsibility and advises Council of the potential impact of the new legislation, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Develops, recommends, implements, and evaluates department policies, standards, procedures, and operations. Attends Council and committee meetings to provide advice and information and implements resulting actions. Attends Council and committee meetings to provide advice and information and implements resulting actions. Ensures all road and bridge construction, sewer and water maintenance, sidewalk construction, signage, storm water management and solid waste management projects are completed. Plans and recommends yearly and long-term construction projects for the maintenance and repair of roads and bridges. Develops and oversees waste management programs, contracts for potable water, water collection and treatment and the provision and maintenance of electrical services. Inspects and supervises public works projects to ensure standards are maintained. Coordinates recycling, re-use and waste management and reduction programs. Ensures that all needs are met to respond to emergency situations (windstorms and other natural disasters). Oversees the operation of winter maintenance, winter patrolling and the maintenance of landfill sites. Approves utility (water, sewer, driveways) installation locations. Recommends the purchase of property for new roads and the disposition of surplus roads properties. Hires, orients, trains, develops, disciplines, and recommends termination of staff. Provides all required external reports. Attends committee meetings, prepares agendas, takes minutes, and does follow up for meetings.

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