Library Systems Technician

Reports to the Systems Manager. Responsible for the daily operations of the Library’s automated systems and electronic services including developing and maintaining integrated Library services technology, public access and remote access, creating original computer software, providing computer training to the public and the staff, daily backup operations, security and report productions and analysis, website technology and maintenance; and managing the inventory, repairs/maintenance/security files of the Library computer systems equipment. Maintains the LAN and WAN, Exchange Server, Windows Server and Domain Controllers. Responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting workstations, servers, telecommunications equipment and related peripheral equipment within the local area network, in accordance with the guidelines developed by the Systems Manager.

Credentials: Completion of a college diploma in computer sciences and a thorough working knowledge of library computer applications, LAN, WAN, modems, printers, routers, wiring, servers, personal computers in a networked environment with related experience.

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