Landfill Site Attendant

The Landfill Site Attendant controls activities at the landfill site and assists the public to dispose of waste (including heavy items), collects fees, records monies, issues invoices and brings cash to the municipal office along with record of receipts and copies of bills. Maintains orderliness around the site and ensures people dispose of waste in the proper areas. Assists elderly to unload refuse. Explains to the public the items suitable and not acceptable for recycling. Picks up garbage left at the gate, building and fences. Opens (unlocks) and closes (locks) the gate and sheds. Removes inappropriate and toxic materials from bins and places these in proper areas. Monitors safety of the public at the site. Contacts appropriate people to bring loaders to the site, burn wood refuse, and pick up bins and recyclables. Estimates and records volume (in cubic yards) of materials entering the site. Keeps records of activity at the site. Listens and responds to inquiries from ratepayers/residents.

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