Chief Administrative Officer

Accountable to the Mayor, a regional Councillor and Councillors of the Municipality, the Chief Administrative Officer leads, directs, manages and administers all organizational and operational services for the Municipality. Delivering on the strategic vision of Council, the Chief Administrative Officer, provides principled and accountable leadership to the Senior Management Team of eight Department Directors in the innovative, efficient and cost-effective delivery of sound municipal services within the Municipality. Responsible for the direction and implementation of all approved policies, budgets and appropriations, the Chief Administrative Officer will have overall accountability to manage the effectiveness of the Municipality’s administration, including financial planning and management, intergovernmental relations, corporate strategic planning, corporate redesign and restructuring, government/ community integration and the coordination of interdepartmental initiatives.

Credentials: University education, preferably a Bachelor of Arts, Administrative Studies and/or Master of Public Administration degree or equivalent. Extensive experience at the senior administrative level with municipal related experience and a proven record of accomplishment. Experience in working with elected officials and councils.

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